Students give opinion on ‘hooking up’ at LV

Amber J. Guadez
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Brian Velez
Life Editor

Many college students have sex without expectations of a relationship, they call it “hooking up.”

At the University of La Verne campus views are mixed towards hooking up, from the 12 students surveyed there was a mix of seeing it as good or bad.

“I think its fine, as long as those people are not in a relationship and know what they’re getting into,” senior political science Victor Serrano said.

Like Serrano, many students said that if a person does decide to hook up they should understand possible repercussions and behave responsibly.

“Your business is your business, you deal with whatever comes with that; know your risks,” Dominique Dominguez, freshman biology major, said.

“All people should be responsible for what they do,” said Dominguez.

“Everyone needs to know that they’re entitled to their own actions,” freshman biology major Kimberly Cisneros said. “You should be careful and aware.”

Students such as junior movement sports science David Dawson take in-to consideration the size of the campus and the rate at which gossip and rumors spread.

Dawson recommends to keep all personal matters private.

“Sometimes things get out and you hear about it by word of mouth,” Dawson said. “Watch your back, it’s a small campus.”

Erick Perez, a senior movement and sports science major, understands the consequences that come with hooking up, but agrees with Dawson to keep everything confidential.

“Whatever happens, happens,” Perez said. “Gentlemen never tell.”

While some students leave the decision of hooking up to each individual, students such as senior movement and sports science major Michael Sacoto dislikes the idea completely.

“I think it’s stupid, because people always regret it, it’s drunk actions and I’m totally against it.”

Students like sophomore biology major Philip Aledia said that practices like hooking up should be avoided, in his case for religious reasons.

“In the Bible it says that sex is a gift,” said Aledia. “When people hook up they are just throwing it away and not appreciating a gift God has given them.”

Sophomore social science Gage Henderson agrees with Aledia.

“Sex should have some sort of sanctity,” said Henderson.

“I’m Christian, I believe sex should be between a husband and a wife”

Henderson suggests to not have sex with people who are not familiar, Henderson said he speaks from experience.

“Some girls smell bad and when you get her naked sometimes you’re not attracted anymore, the thrill of the chase is gone”

For some, the question of hooking up is based on personal morals, others worry more about health related consequences.

“If it’s between two people on the same page, it’s okay” Kerri Whiting, sophomore psychology and music said. “I personally wouldn’t do it because there is a lot that can happen, like AIDS.”

The possibility of contracting an STD worries some students. Director of the ULV Health Center Cindy Denne suggests being prepared for any sexual encounter.

“Having condoms on hand for those spontaneous moments is important” said Denne.

Denne said that hooking up is a decision made on individual values but students should be aware of what they are doing.

“When you sleep with someone you sleep with all the people they have been with, people need to be educated and make good choices,” said Denne.

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