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Web sites offer textbooks at bargain prices

Armed with my syllabi, I marched into the University of La Verne Bookstore. Since classes have already begun, there were few used books so I grabbed as many as I could and decided not to even look at the prices when I had to opt for the new texts. Just after finalizing my student loans […]

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Web site promises to lower costs of textbooks

College students know the cost of the university in which they are applying. They realize the cost of food they will need. They can estimate how much money in loans they will need in order to live on campus. All of these expenses are a given when students apply to college. But what comes as […]

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Textbook prices can vary widely

They permit continuous learning, allow students to miss class occasionally and prepare them for exams and the professional world. They are an everlasting resource, provide access to knowledge and are excellent references, often from experts.

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