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Missed meals mean missed money

Ranting and raving about the quality of Davenport and Spot food is nothing new to the University of La Verne campus.

Ananian, student opinion clash on Spot prices

Apart from student complaints about the high prices at the Spot, the campus snack bar barely manages to break even each semester.

Spot renovation initiated

Plans are coming together for the renovation of The Spot, although exact costs and dates of implementation are not yet known.

Dining service procedures raise concerns

At the beginning of the spring semester students at the University of La Verne were handed a published flier of new and already existing policies and procedures of the dining services on campus.

Spot neglects health standards

Have you found your food at the Spot just warm enough to eat? Or found hair in your french fries? Or stayed up all night with the stomach flu after eating a chicken burrito for dinner at the Spot? If you answered yes, it is worth asking whether the food you are eating at the Spot is meeting California Health and Safety regulations.

Spot expected to expand by 1996

The Spot, which opened in the summer of 1984, is once again expected to go through major renovations starting in 1996, pending financial approval.

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