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Gender neutral passports are a positive change

The time for gender neutral passports is finally here. The Department of State announced that people can have a passport issued with an “X” gender marking, signifying an unspecified or other gender, starting April 11.

Recent grad inspired by solo travel

Not all students jump right into the workforce after graduation. Joshua Cruz, who earned his bachelor of science in business at the University of La Verne in January made sure to fulfill his dream Joshua Cruz earned his bachelor of science in business in January. Following graduation, he took a solo back packing trip to Thailand. One of the only setbacks Cruz faced was losing his Nikes at a hostel. To replace them Cruz bought $4 knock-off-Adidas. / photo by Corney Mace of traveling abroad. “I cannot just sit behind the desk and do all the paperwork. ... for the rest of my life,” said the 22-year-old from West Covina. Cruz saved nearly $3,000 while working as a server at Red Robin – for a trip to Thailand.

Students plan for week of spring adventures

Spring break, a time when students begin to itch for summer, has finally arrived to La Verne. For one short week, students are free from the stress of meeting deadlines and can escape the quiet city of La Verne in exchange for a miniature vacation filled with adventures.

Alumna goes on a mission trip to 11 countries

Andrea Perez, 24, University of La Verne alumna, spoke to Professor Maria de Lourdes Villarreal’s Writing 101 class about her upcoming mission trip through World Race.

Interterm offers international study, adventure

Every year La Verne students are provided with the opportunity to embark on the trip of a lifetime.

Scanners and pat downs are ineffective

The holiday season means one thing for people who travel on airplanes: long lines at the airport. Recently however, it has also meant a very invasive security checkpoint for those trying to get away on holiday.

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