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La Verne residents battle heavy rain storm

A large rainstorm swept across Southern California this week. First Street was one of numerous streets in La Verne with substantial flooding throughout this storm.

Another historic oak tree falls

A live oak tree fell in Sneaky Park on Wednesday morning, taking a city light pole with it. This is the third historic live oak to fall on the University of La Verne campus since January due to heavy winter rainstorms.

Bobcat Fire worsens air quality

The Bobcat Fire turns the skies over Whittier an unearthly color Sept. 9.

AC is essential for residents’ safety

Brandt Hall and Stu-Han are notorious for being the only dorms on campus still without any air conditioning. This puts residents at risk for heat-related illnesses.

Heat wave fries up La Verne

The heat wave that hit La Verne in the last recent days has reached as high as 105 and 108 degrees.

Drought cancels Mt. Baldy ski season

After record-breaking rains in February, Mt. Baldy still has not received enough snow to open for ski season.

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