Five-year campaign raises $13 million

by Kelly Varner-Burkhart
Staff Writer

“Partnership ’91,” ULV ‘s five-year centennial fundraiser, ended June 30, with $13 million in gifts and donations received by the University. The cam­paign started out in 1986 with a goal of $8.8 million, which was raised to $11 million in 1989.

“We accomplished this fundraiser in a variety of ways,” said President Steve Morgan. “Each year we did a phone-a-thon, calling alumni and friends of the University and asking them to donate. We also used a lot of direct mailing. Myself, along with University Relations, made a lot of phone calls to individuals to give the process a personal touch.”

“A lot of corporations and founda­tions look at the University in a fond light,” explained Bob Earhart, assistant vice president of university relations. ”Two million dollars was donated by different corporations. We also had a lot of $25, $50, $100 and $500 dona­tions, and a few people left the University bequests in their wills.”

The money has been divided for use in five areas – the current fund (operations at ULV); scholarship endowments; academic support endowments; a student loan fund; and campus enhancement, which has been broken down into 10 different areas of its own, including a $324,340 miscella­neous fund. All of the areas exceeded their fundraising goals by at least five percent.

“Basically, it was a very successful campaign, and it played an important role in the continuing growth of the University,” said Dr. Morgan.

“The strong support given through­out this fundraiser shows how many different people came out to give their support and show their strong loyalty to ULV and toward President Morgan for everything he’s done the past five years,” said Earhart. ‘The bottom line is, it will benefit the students.”

Kelly Varner-Burkhart

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