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ULV professors granted tenure for dedication


by Jennifer Parsons
Staff Writer

Four University of La Verne faculty members will be granted tenure this fall semester. They are Dr. Glenn Gamst, associate professor of psychology; Dr. Dorena Wright, associate professor of English; Dr. David Kung, associate professor of business administration; and Dr. Kent Badger, associate professor of health services management.

After a faculty member has been at the University of La Verne for a period of seven years, they become eligible for tenure. A committee then determines whether tenure should be given.

The decision is based on the professor’s dedication and contribution to ULV. Teaching ability, counseling and rapport with students and departments are also considered.

The Faculty Personnel Committee votes to grant or deny tenure. This year the committee members are Dr. Sharon Davis, professor of sociology; Dr. Jack Meek, professor of public administration; Dr. Jack McElwee, professor of business administration; Ruth Trotter, associate professor of art; Dr. Dan Merritt, professor of zoology; and Rita Thakur, professor of business and economics.

After the committee has voted, only the deans may can overrule the decision. Then the decision is passed on to the the vice president of academic affairs, the president and the Board of Trustees.

“We look at whether these are the kind of people with integrity, high moral standards and role models for junior faculty members,” said Thakur.

Dr. Gamst has been at ULV for five years, but because he has had academic experience elsewhere, years were granted toward receiving tenure. His contributions to the University include providing expertise in the area of statistics and quantitative research methods, and bringing leadership skills to the department as its chair.

“I came to the University of La Verne because I was interested in moving back to L.A. and I liked the intellectual environment. I plan to stay. I have no other plans, unless the Rams offer me a contract,” said Dr. Gamst.

In 1989, after teaching at two universities in Australia, two in England and two others in the United States, Dr. Wright came to ULV.

“The position attracted me when I discovered that it is a predominantly strong liberal arts school, with a strong G.E. [general education] program, a commitment to humanities and small classes,” said Dr. Wright.

Dr. Wright, since having been on the peace studies committee, has established a peace studies minor. Also, the British literature courses have been strongly developed by her.

Dr. Kung helped with the development of the business school, and feels that he has been able to make an impact in students’ lives as a teacher and adviser.

For seven years, Dr. Badger has contributed to the biggest health services management program in the state of California.

“He [Dr. Badger] is cooperative, helps out his colleagues and gets good reviews on his teaching. The department is ready to build the program around him,” said Dr. Tom Harvey, professor of educational management and coordinating dean of the School of Organizational Management.

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