Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I truly enjoyed reading your editorial in the Campus Times (“Shopping frenzy diminishes true spirit,” Dec. 4). I have to say that I do agree with many things that you brought up in your article.

However, one of your opening statements bothers me a lot: “Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, but in recent years I have begun to dislike this particular holiday.” I hope you truly don’t mean it at all. Listen to your own words again at the end of your editorial.

“They have forgotten that Christmas is about kindness, loving … and I want to add, and much, much more.”

Are you not making the same mistake as those who associate Christmas with shopping? If you know the true meaning of Christmas, how can you dislike it? I hope you will provide us with some sort of clarification of your statement/choice of words in the next issue of Campus Times.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Best wishes to all of you at Campus Times. You’re doing a great job!

Julius M. Walecki
School of Business and Global Studies

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Journalism operations manager at the University of La Verne. Production manager and business manager of the Campus Times.

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