Health factors place Fetty on leave of absence

by Nune Gazdhyan
Assistant Features Editor

Carol Fetty, instructor of English, wore many hats. From teaching, to yearbook to the literary magazine, Prism, and student advising, Fetty is known and respected by faculty and students; so her unexpected medical leave was noticed quickly.

“She began the semester with the intention of completing it. She was hoping that there would be a quick diagnosis [for her heart problems], but they still don’t have a full diagnosis,” said Janice Johnson, associate professor of English as a Second Language.

Fetty started out the semester teaching English 111 and co-teaching a general education Core class. She was also adviser for a few directed study courses, so her decision to take a medical leave for unexplained medical reasons was a tough choice.

“She was here for the first two weeks of classes off and on. Probably by the third week of classes it was determined that she needed to take a medical leave to recover,” said Johnson.

In order to accommodate her classes, some rearrangements within the department had to be made. But Fetty is still a large part of the yearbook and Prism publications through Johnson, who is the liaison between Fetty and the ULV community.

“She’s very devoted to teaching. She likes working with students. It’s not just imparting but it’s also the interaction with the students in and outside of the classroom. If anyone wants to send her a note, card flowers, she welcomes that,” said Johnson.

Students interested in making contact with Fetty may get her information from the Humanities Department secretary, Peggy Morrison, or Johnson.

“One of Carol’s favorite quotes is, ‘Life is what happens when you’re making plans.'” said Johnson.

For Fetty her plans of teaching this semester had to be on hold, but this does not mean that she will not come back. According to Johnson, depending on her medical status, she may come back to teach next semester.

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