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Students adjust to life on campus after boarding at Red Roof Inn

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by Audrey Jean Griffith
Staff Writer

As the school year soon comes to an end, students from the Red Roof Inn are now finally able to feel at home in the new Oaks F building.

To most University of La Verne residents, the transition from the Red Roof Inn has been an easier and a more convenient one.

First of all, those students who now live on campus can have the opportunity to be more involved with campus activities. Students can better grasp the whole “college experience.”

A reason old Red Roof residents prefer the Oaks building is because they are closer to campus and their classes. Oaks resident, Andrew Garcia, said, “It’s (the Oaks) better because it’s closer. We don’t have to wake up early anymore to catch the shuttle to take us to class.”

The Red Roof Inn is located in San Dimas, about three miles from campus, so unless students had a car they had to take advantage of the shuttle service provided.

“Now, living at the Oaks, I’m not late for class anymore,” said Garcia. Other students as well have continuously voiced their frustration about the shuttle claiming that the shuttle sometimes was a hassle. Students may miss the shuttle and have to wait for the next one to take them to campus.

The Red Roof Inn did offer unique advantages like a jacuzzi, micro-fridge and each room was equipped with its own private bathroom.

Overall, the transition from the Red Roof Inn to the new Oaks F building has been a success. No extreme complaints or problems have arisen, with exception of the common bathrooms and noisy halls.

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