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Gordon leaves on open-ended medical absence

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by Amby Sarabia
Staff Writer

Clubs on campus are under a new adviser now that Deborah Gordon is on medical leave.

Gordon, campus activities and commuter programs director, left no indication of her return date when she left.

“She’s expected back, but we don’t know when,” said Ruby Montaño-Cordova, associate dean of student affairs.

Montaño-Cordova has taken over Gordon’s responsibilities until Gordon returns.

Assuming the role of director of campus activities and commuter programs, Montaño-Cordova said she has also become the overall adviser for all University organizations.

So far, the University clubs and programs have been running according to schedule, except for two events.

The club fair, which is usually in early March, has suffered from this transition and is now being held March 27 to become a part of the Commuter Day activities.

The sorority Phi Sigma Sigma experienced a setback during its pledge process as the sorority was unable to receive its recruitment dates in a sufficient amount of time, said Tamara Noriega, social and scholarship chair.

“We didn’t know who to go through to get the pledge dates approved,” Noriega said. “It’s hard to find someone to get information from.”

After being sent to Montaño-Cordova, who approved the recruitment dates, the sorority’s pledging process ran smoothly, Noriega said.

Juggling two positions is not an easy task.

Aside from accomplishing the work that her position entails, Montaño-Cordova now has the responsibility of handling Gordon’s workload.

She is temporarily overseeing the Associated Student Federation Forum, Inter-Fraternity Council and the College Panhellenic Association. She is also overseeing the establishment of new clubs.

“This experience has allowed me to establish a closer relationships with students,” she said. “I’ve already met with students who wish to start clubs.”

While many of the clubs have hired advisers, allowing them to function normally in Gordon’s absence, Gordon’s presence behind the Student Center Desk has been missed, Montaño-Cordova said.

“Students are used to having the director of campus activities and commuter programs behind the desk to provide them with the response they need to be serviced with,” she said.

Unlike Gordon’s office, which can be found in the Student Center, Montaño-Cordova’s office is located in the Student Resource Center, which means students need to travel a few extra steps to get to her, she said.

Currently, Montaño-Cordova is implementing ways to improve things in Gordon’s absence.

“Right now we are in the process of looking for a person to assist the students with questions and club information,” she said. “We’re looking for someone who is familiar with the University.”

Montaño-Cordova hopes the position, which is temporary until Gordon returns, will be filled by April. The new employee will offer the students a presence behind the desk, Montaño-Cordova said.

Until then, Montaño-Cordova has been making herself accessible to students by posting signs on the Student Center walls.

Brian MorganArmstrong, leadership development and transition program director, and student managers are helping to ensure that student life runs smoothly, as they provide services to the students behind the Student Center desk selling food, and answering questions as best they can.

Working together to make sure the office is running to the students, has helped the clubs and organizations run in a better capacity, Montaño-Cordova said.

Despite their much-appreciated hard work, Gordon’s presence is being missed.

“I hope she’ll be back soon, Noreiga said.

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