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Measure S passes by narrow margin

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Steven Falls
Web Editor

Measure S, the proposal that would increase the city’s utility user’s tax, passed by a narrow margin when votes in La Verne’s municipal election were tabulated Tuesday night.

The city measure passed by gaining 52 percent of the votes, a much narrower margin than what was originally anticipated.

“I follow this stuff closer than others and I thought it would pass easy,” said Andrew Howard, a La Verne resident.

All election results are unofficial until all votes are officially counted, which could take up to 30 days.

Most La Verne city officials supported the measure, including City Manager Martin Lomeli.

“This measure will offset state takeaway,” Lomeli said. “It is built to maintain the quality of life and all of the services that we provide.”

With the approval of Measure S, the city will increase the utility user’s tax from 4 percent to 6 percent.

Revenues from the tax increase will be used to pay for the cost of general city operations such as police and fire protection, park maintenance, public street lighting and mobile home rent control administration.

“I voted yes on it because it will offset what the state takes and it will maintain important qualities of our lifestyle,” Howard said.

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