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Irresistible Web sites offer students flexibility

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Chasing the night away on that old laptop is a common activity for college students nowadays.

Surfing the Web is no longer homework, it’s life. And while many students at the University of La Verne are using the Internet as a way to increase their social net worth, there are other Web sites out there other than and to tickle the minds of young students.

Hundreds upon hundreds of Web sites are floating through the World Wide Web, but the ones that draw in the biggest crowds among students are Web sites similar to MySpace and Facebook.

“MySpace and Facebook are the big college Web sites – it’s hard to find someone that doesn’t have a MySpace,” Franklin Coopersmith, a freshman economics major, said.

Sites like these, that orbit around the concept of making and keeping in touch with friends, seem to be the most popular because they create social networks for students and encourage a sense of community for many students who have just left the comfortable nest of home.

In addition these Web sites take the awkward act of making friends to a new and more casual level.

“It’s easier to make friends over the Internet; it’s easier to ease into conversation when you don’t really know the person,” Zara Cardofo, a sophomore pre-law major, said.

As many students burn that midnight oil tic-tacking away on worn down keyboards, here are some suggestions of more wildly fantastic Web sites to keep those curious fingertips active.

Recently Time Magazine constructed a few lists of cool and interesting Web sites to check out, and the ones that seem to stand out the most are as follows.

For those who find that a social life is more of an art than a hobby, a popular Web site known as will give you some inside tips on the cultural scene in your city.

This e-mail magazine will keep you connected to local buzz and give your social life a breath of fresh air.

Another Web site that encourages a large social life is

This Web site uses your mobile phone to keep an update on where everyone is partying that evening.

With it, you can send the Web site a text message regarding your current social life location and it will send one back informing you of the location of all your friends partying at hotspots within 10 miles of you.

This way, it’s not knowing what to do for the evening, but simply where to go.

Keep that social butterfly within you fluttering and rock the night away using this simple socialite Web site.

When it comes to other distraction online one Web site that has a large booming following is

This Web site allows anyone to post videos online; taken the idea of multimedia sharing to a new level and in doing so has grabbed a larger-than-life following.

This Web site will entertain that tired college brain for hours with its seemingly endless supply of belly-shaking hilarious videos.

As randomness on the Internet increases one incredibly random but funny Web site is called

This site displays the current time of day in very unique ways.

Just click on “view the clock” and see how creatively the site tells you what time it is.

Either written on the side of a trash can, displayed by a person or spelled out in fruit, telling time has never been so original since the creation of this site.

Check it out – time is of the essence.

Lastly, one of the most useful Web sites for college students who find chatting online much more entertaining than through a cell phone is called

This Web site does the impossible feat of combining all those chat programs like AIM, MSN and Google talk, among others, into a one all-inclusive chit-chat program.

With this site, the toils of downloading various chat programs to converse with different people become a thing of the past.

Just sign into the Web site and sign-out of all those ridiculously complicated programs – chatting has never been so easy.

Check out the local party scene; browse glorious videos of randomness or chat with online buddies all with these cool cutting-edge Web sites.

At times college may seem like such a bore, but don’t let that bring you down – these fun interactive Web sites will turn that tired, “MySpaced” frown upside down.

Take a break form you Facebook frenzy or MySpace monotony and check out these new time-consuming distractions.

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