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Student club cleans up freeway

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Between Live Oak and Fruit Street, the Athletic Training Student Club can be seen every two weeks on Sunday morning cleaning up trash on the side of the 210 freeway.

ATSC met last year and decided to adopt a highway and volunteer their time to give back to the La Verne community.

The club also hopes to strengthen campus awareness about the program.

They thought the location would be perfect since most people en route via the 210 freeway to La Verne take one of these exits.

These students were right in their assertions.

“As I’m getting off at Fruit (Street) and see workers, I think there’s my tax money at work,” Director of Athletics Christopher Ragsdale said.

That same morning he saw “workers” on the side of the freeway, students flooded into the athletics department wearing the same reflector jackets. Ragsdale immediately felt “extremely proud” of these students who sacrificed sleep on a Sunday morning to give back to La Verne.

Ragsdale cannot take any credit for the community service being offered by ATSC, so respectfully he wrote an email of acknowledgment to praise the services of the club.

“We wanted to give something back to the community,” assistant athletic trainer and club adviser Josh Davis said.

Athletic training department has about 18 students consisting primarily of students interested in sports medicine and the training aspect of sports who are studying to be in physical therapy type careers.

ATSC consists mostly of athletic training majors.

They help each other perfect things they learned in class and try to work together more as a team than individuals in a major.

“We are supposed to be helping people anyway,” Chris McDermott, club social chair, said.

Neither he nor any other members of the club were expecting the amount of public attention these actions would draw.

ULV faculty and students have become keen to the situation and feel the same pride as Ragsdale when he saw them that first Sunday morning.

Receiving this type of recognition has encouraged club members to continue giving to the community.

“It’s nice to hear good job, but it shouldn’t be a public thing,” President Jenn Crabbe said. “We aren’t trying to brag about it.”

The club had discussed community service possibilities last year, but had not really done anything about it.

Crabbe was pleased to finally be reaching goals of giving back to the community.

ULV is not the only community to notice the clubs efforts to become well known.

Their story will also be published in the National Athletic Trainers Association News, a publication well read among athletic trainers.

The club wants to become a stronger and more legitimate part of the ULV, city of La Verne and athletic training communities.

Along with the continued adopt a highway program ATSC will be hosting a “Fun Run” open to all on Oct. 20 during Homecoming weekend.

ATSC has achieved their goal of giving back to the community and gaining campus recognition, and the semester has only just begun.

One can only imagine what this club has in store for the future.

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