Comedy show welcomes students back to campus

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

Comedians Mal Hall and Jonny Loquasto were the bearers of jokes, performing in front of about 100 La Verne students last Tuesday for the first comedy show of the year.

The event was held in the Campus Center Ballroom and coordinated by Campus Activities Board Comedy Chair Ally Schultz.

“I went to NACA, a conference we go to for CAB and there were a bunch of performers and Mal was one of them. I went up to him right after and got his card,” Schultz said.

Hall is quickly gaining increasing notoriety as a comedian.

He was chosen among five top comedians that traveled the country last year performing at different colleges and universities in NBC’s “Stand Up for Diversity” comedy show.

Loquasto has not gained as much popularity, but accompanies Hall while he tours around the country as his opening act and best friend.

Hall is known for his squeaky voice and provocative jokes.

He told the audience that he got his start in comedy four years ago in his hometown of San Diego.

“I went to bars and coffee shops and told my jokes. Anywhere that had a mic, I’d be there telling jokes. The more and more you perform, the more people notice you,” Hall said.

Loquasto is a native of Pennsylvania and in one of his jokes he said, “It’s cool to live there, if you’re a palm tree.”

In his set, he often mentioned how slow and boring Pennsylvania life is and how much he prefers life on the west coast.

“My two favorite things in the world to do are professional wrestling and ghost hunting. Where I’m from, I’d be special needs. Here, I’m a dreamer,” Loquasto said.

The student reaction and participation only increased the humor in the show.

One student, who got up to go to the bathroom was the victim of a joke by Hall for being the only person to get up during the show.

“I was scared to go to the bathroom because I thought he was going to tell a joke about me. But, the comedian was a hoot and his voice was hilarious,” Jade Kelley, freshman communications major, said.

“Mal was really funny. His candy bar joke was the best,” Brittany Martinez, sophomore speech communication major, said.

The first comedy show of the year was very successful and brought out a number of La Verne students.

The show allowed students to relax and gave the students of La Verne a night of enjoyment as they transitioned back into spring semester.

According to Schultz, another comedian, Pete V., will be providing another night filled with laughs for La Verne students on March 23.

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