Students survive finals with planning, stress reduction

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, students use a variety of methods and tactics to survive these final weeks and conquer it successfully.

This is always a trying time with finals, excess work and the tease of a summer vacation nearly within reach.

It is a time where students can easily lose focus and procrastinate on final assignments and projects.

“To survive this final stretch of school, I make sure to listen to music to keep my sanity, have food in my stomach to keep my brain focused and avoid procrastination,” said Ashle Huizar, sophomore creative writing major and music minor.

Many students allow the heightened intensity of the final weeks to overtake them and end up stressed out. Other students use their finals experience and proven methods to get them through.

“One of the best methods that I personally use is to limit distractions, whether it be canceling plans with friends or just cutting back on other fun activities,” sophomore criminology major Matthew Sadik, said.

“My most important tactic is to have a schedule and follow it strictly to prevent cramming and other things before finals. More time equals better quality and these two things help give me the best chance to finish the school year strong.”

For seniors, finals season is even more difficult to focus on because graduation is the most important time in their scholastic careers.

However, many vow not to allow the stress of the time to get to them.

“I like to take time to do the fun stuff because studying for finals and doing homework nonstop totally burns you out,” senior liberal studies major Rachel DeBos said. “I make sure that I get work done during the day so I can go out and be with friends at night. Also, just a positive attitude towards the end of the year is something everyone should try.”

Although planning ahead is ideal for students to avoid the pressure of last-minute work, some students thrive in the pressure.

“Honestly it is crazy; I wait until three in the morning on the day of the final and I study until the time I have class, which is eight the next morning, and I get A’s and B’s on all of my tests,” sophomore biology major Matthew Johnson said.

“I rely on highlighters, Starbucks, occasional naps and making sure I spend time with my family to help relax my brain and bring in good vibes,” senior liberal studies major Araceli Zambrano said.

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