Restaurant Review: Bangkok Blue serves red-hot Thai

Michael Phillips
Copy Editor

When I walked into Bangkok Blue in La Verne the aroma of Thai cuisine immediately made me hungry.

The restaurant is small and seats about 30 to 45 people. The wooden floors, dim lights and wooden chairs create a calming mood.

The addition of smooth jazz music and various Thai symbols and artifacts enhances the already pleasant mood.

When I arrived at the restaurant I was immediately seated and provided with a menu.

The menu was simple; it organized entrees into small sections that featured both the Thai names and English translations.

The restaurant offers various types of rice, curries, Pad Thai and many vegetarian options.

The items in the house specialties section sounded the most delicious and included pineapple fried rice and Thai barbecue ribs.

Bangkok Blue’s menu placed an emphasis on vegetarian options and offered many items made with tofu.

One such entree was the sweet and sour tofu, which consisted of stir fried tofu with fresh cucumbers, green onions, tomatoes and pineapple in a sweet sauce.

It was hard to choose from the wide variety of food, but I decided to order the spicy Pad Thai and the Khao Pad Prik.

The spicy Pad Thai came with a choice of chicken, shrimp or beef along with green onions, bean sprouts, egg, tofu and ground peanuts.

The Khao Pad Prik was spicy fried rice with garlic and chicken.

“I can say we have the best curry around, and many distinct items like our version of Pad Thai,” owner Joyce Johnson said.

Bangkok Blue has been open for approximately eight years and is owned and managed by Johnson.

“I just found this place and thought it was a good size to open up my first restaurant,” Johnson said.

Naming the restaurant was difficult for Johnson and her husband but they finally decided on Bangkok Blue, a name which was inspired by both Johnson’s husband, Blue, and their homeland of Thailand.

The restaurant offered efficient service and the waitresses were very attentive and friendly.

My food smelled delicious when it arrived.

The spicy Pad Thai was savory and light; the additional spices were not overpowering, but instead created a cohesive combination of flavor.

Every ingredient, especially the chicken, eggs and pieces of tofu, enhanced the flavor of the dish.

I do not usually eat tofu, but I thought that it made the spicy Pad Thai delicious.

I also enjoyed the rice because it was fluffy and flavorful.

The spices in the rice gave it an added kick and made it spicier than the Pad Thai.

For dessert I ordered the Drunken Banana Flambe. When I read the description I began to salivate in anticipation of the grand dessert.

The dessert featured slices of bananas sautéed in a caramelized sauce with a hint of rum and lime zest, with vanilla ice cream and toasted coconut.

The banana pieces were warm and sweet and the addition of the ice cream made me regret finishing the dish.

“It was amazing, I thought the service was really great,” Ontario resident Kyle Palmer said. “I’d definitely like to go back.”

Overall my meal at Bangkok Blue was extremely delicious and flavorful.

The amount of food they provided was well over enough to satisfy two people.

The service was friendly and the atmosphere made the eating experience really enjoyable.

Bangkok Blue is located at 2300 Foothill Blvd. in La Verne near the corner of White Avenue.

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