Students share dos and don’ts of dating fashion

Amber J. Guadez
Staff Writer

When it comes to first dates, students tend to get stumped on what to wear. Dress to impress or be casual and comfortable? University of La Verne students share their dos and don’ts of first date fashion.

“It depends on what you’re doing or where you’re going,” junior business major Riley Liebel said.

The objective of a first date is to get to know the other person and keep them engaged.

The best way to catch a guy’s eye and be in your most attractive state would be to tone it down and be comfortable no matter what, Liebel said.

“I would say wear something not too revealing and not too conservative,” sophomore Monica Aguinaga said. “For shoes I would go with wedges, because they’re not too casual and at the same time, not too dressy.”

Senior movement and sports science major Donia Taylor agrees with being comfortable and not exposing too much.

“Simplicity is key,” Taylor said. “You definitely should not wear something you would wear to a club.”

While half of the women in this generation would love to wear a pair of heels and pack on a load of makeup, Taylor thinks otherwise.

“No cake face,” Taylor said.

When it comes to a guy’s fashion sense on a first date, students like senior business major Jovannie Slusher advise on leaving tank tops out.

“I wore one once, but it was really really hot, I wouldn’t advise it at all,” Slusher said. “You have to show off your best features, just a little. Don’t go overboard or try too hard.”

“For guys at this school, a nice T-shirt but not a collared shirt or button up,” Slusher said.

“If you happen to wear a button-up, roll up your sleeves to be casual and wear it confidently.”

Freshman biology major David Jaribay agrees with slusher on not wearing tank tops on a first date and instead he says first dates call for more presentable clothes.

Jaribay suggests wearing a polo or button up shirt matched with nice jeans.

While women attempt to impress the men on first dates, men are eager to do the same.

Sophomore music major Phillip Greenwood believes in three key elements to impress women.

“First thing you gotta do is make sure everything is really clean, nice and neat,” Greenwood said.

“Depending where your date is, make sure your jeans don’t have holes and your shirt is ironed.”

“What I would rock is a tie, cardigan and button up, straight up,” Greenwood said.

During a first date your style has to reflect you.

But make sure it is not too wacky or over the top. Keep in mind these La Verne fashion tips, they just might help in future first dates.

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