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Club fair produces ‘Universal’ opportunities

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Russell R. Silva
Staff Writer

New students and transfer students flooded the club fair in hopes of finding clubs to join. Students gathered on the South Quad Aug. 27 to take part in the club fair.

The Universal Studios theme of the club fair showed at every booth with every club’s table decorated to a different movie. Canopies covered the lawn while fraternity boys were dressed in togas and anime club displayed eight by 10 pictures of their favorite characters. Several students attended the club fair taking interest in what the campus has to offer.

“I came out to the club fair to meet new people; I met some fraternity guys,” Elliot Shi, freshman computer science major said.

“It’s an efficient way to make friends.”

LeoFM played music at the fair, while Davenport Dining Hall catered the event. Students roamed around eating their lunch and exploring new opportunities. LeoFM featured each club on their sound system, allowing one representative to announce what makes their club unique.

Shi, who is originally from China, is looking to find new friends as a new student.

“Here is fun and life is difficult, but fun at the same time. Learning English is the most important,” Shi said.

Shi said the club fair offered him the chance to make friends that are interested in his field, giving him a chance to learn and comprehend more about his major.

Rama Mustapha attended the club fair hoping to find a club that related to her roots. As a Lebanese descendant, there were no clubs aiming towards her culture. She said she would think about starting one as she starts meeting new people. Like Mustapha, many students take the step to start their own club, by registering with the office of student life. To start a club, students need a minimum of six members to be recognized.

Once a club meets the member minimum, they are able to get funding from ASULV, use campus facilities and reserve the rock for painting. Two newer clubs at the fair were aiming to gain as many members as possible.

Both the Olympians Club and Voices in Action would like to help students get a full college experience by offering them unique opportunities. Sandy Maas, senior and president of Voices in Action, hopes to bring awareness to things that students care about.

She said one thing that has been apparent to the campus is bringing more awareness to the gay community. Maas feels that getting other students to be more accepting to the community would be key in making the campus even a better place than it already is.

Olympians Club caters to active students who would like to do events that involve agility such as baseball, softball and volleyball. This club benefits those who do not have time to play for the school, but have time to meet up a couple times a month. Justin Pierce, founder and president, started the Olympians Club last year as a sophomore.

The club focuses on playing sports for those who just want to have fun, with the motto,”We Play Sports Bro!” Since starting, the club has since gained over 15 new members.

Vice President Andrew Miraflor hopes to plan a winter retreat this year with all the members. ASULV had a long line at their booth as they handed out beach towels for students at their”Jaws” themed booth. For more information about on campus clubs, contact the Office of Student Life.

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