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Club hopes to connect LGBTQ+ community

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Aaron Arellano
Staff Writer

The LGBTQ+ Coalition club is the newest addition to the University’s wide range of clubs. The club is determined to shed light on a community they hold dear.

“We’re a group of people from the LGBTQ+ community who hope to engage the rest of the community with our culture,” said club president and senior biology major Angela Gonzalez. “We really just want to create a sense of community on campus.”

This goal stemmed from the lack of connection that Gonzalez felt with other members of the LGBTQ+ community here.

“Once I did find other people who were a part of the community, they felt the same way,” Gonzalez said.“We realized we’re all here. We just don’t know where we are.”

Gonzalez soon met assistant director of the Academic Success Center and SOLVE teacher, Savannah Garcia, who felt that same disconnect from members of the community on campus.

“It was really developed for members of the community to be able to know who each other were,” Garcia said. “And to provide support for each other.”

Other executive officers of the LGBTQ+ Coalition are excited to bond and connect with other members of the community on campus, such as their secretary, freshman educational studies major Taylor Hagin.

“Recently, coming out to my family has been a big deal,” Hagin said. “Being able to have people we connect with and have fun with is super important.”

Aside from the social aspect of the club, Garcia expressed the interest in educating the University’s staff and students about the hot issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community by inviting guest speakers and starting up a weekly newsletter.

The LGBTQ+ Coalition is determined to receive campus involvement and support this semester.

The club is also planning community partnerships with other LGBTQ+ centers in order to expand their community service efforts.

Movie nights are also in motion as the club will showcase movies that explore topics within the LGBTQ+ community such as “Moonlight,” and a highly-anticipated “Pride Prom” are also expected to take place on campus.

Other students who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, such as sophomore kinesiology major William von Borstel, are excited to see clubs like the LGBTQ+ Coalition share their love and connection with the University.

“It makes me feel safe to walk around campus,” von Borstel said. “Knowing the diversity and inclusivity is so vast now. Having clubs like these give students who might be feeling isolated an outlet or a place to belong.”

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