A starry night for sipping and painting

Michelle Annett Roldan
Staff Writer

The “Release Your Inner Van Gogh” sip and paint event was held on Sept. 22 in Citrus Residence Hall where about 20 students came together and relaxed by painting and enjoying aguas frescas and charcuterie cups.

Students caught up with one another, as they arrived at the fifth-floor lounge. They gathered around the TV, welcoming each other as laughter filled the room. 

Resident assistant Aliyah Mosser, senior education major, was the host of the Sip and Paint event. She handed attendees a canvas, paint pallet, paint and brushes, as she directed them to follow the step by step video displayed on the TV on how to paint “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. 

“I was really interested in painting and kind of having everyone socialize with snacks and have a good time,” Mosser said.

Painting the background of the canvas, Lillian Dyer, a sophomore education major, was one of many residents who was happy to be there. 

“I like to paint so it’s a good relaxing activity,” Dyer said. 

Kiara Annis followed the same instructions on how to paint “The Starry Night,” but with a twist. The freshman biology major put her own abstract touch to the painting.

“I just like how the school is providing so many different events for us to go to, so that we can just relax sometimes because school is stressful,” Annis said.

“I’m also not really artistically inclined, so I feel like out of all the things I can do, painting might be the best because you can just scribble, and it’ll look great,” Annis said. 

Olivia Villalobos, freshman theater major, attended the event not only because of her love for painting but because of her resident assistant’s encouragement.

“Our RA does this point system where basically we show up to any events in housing whether it’s in Oaks, Vista or Citrus, we get points,” Villalobos said.

The competition is to encourage freshmen to get involved on campus, and the resident who attends the most events throughout the year will be awarded a gift card.

“Bringing them out of their room, and bringing them together to paint with each other is fun,” Mosser said. “Look out for other RAs’ events because a lot of them are social and open you up to meeting new people.”

Michelle Annett Roldan can be reached at michelle.roldan@laverne.edu   

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Michelle Annett Roldan is a sophomore journalism major.


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