A Student's Guide to Financial Aid (1997)

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Aid goes beyond FASFA form

It is the time of year again, when students are rushing to fill out financial aid information for the next academic year. Once all the documents are turned in, many students view the process as mysterious, a little unusual and end up just hoping for the best.

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Appeal process gives second chance

The University of La Verne Financial Aid Appeals Process enables students who are academically ineligible to receive financial aid the chance to justify their academic situation and receive federal aid.

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Tomorrow’s wedding to reap benefits

By Brandi E. Baumeister Season Degner and Kris Arellanes met as sophomores in high school when they were 15 years old. Arellanes asked Degner to...

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: New verification policy to speed students’ financial aid packaging

Beginning this year, the federal government, in correlation with financial aid to universities, has put into effect a verification policy which injects changes in the current process.

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Time, energy pay in search for outside scholarships, grants

Numerous outside scholarships are available to students willing to spend the time researching them.

A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Online scholarships

Listed here are several general scholarships and other search mechanisms specifically for finding private scholarships. This is to help students get started researching scholarships on the World Wide Web. Note that scholarships vary and there are restrictions that may apply to each scholarship.

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