A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Time, energy pay in search for outside scholarships, grants

by Bonnie H. Chuen

Numerous outside scholarships are available to students willing to spend the time researching them.

However, when receiving outside scholarships, students must realize that outside money does effect the money they may be awarded from the University of La Verne.

“All outside money has to be coordinated with what you have received. It depends on what the donor specifies,” said Adeline Cardenas-Clague, dean of enrollment services.

That means certain outside scholarships specify how students must use the money. For instance, the California Grant (Cal Grant) must be used specifically for tuition. If a student received the full amount of tuition from a Cal Grant and also qualified for an outside scholarship for tuition, then the amount of money that is not needed will be deducted from the student’s award, meaning the award will be adjusted.

“There is no situation where a ULV grant will generate cash to you [the student], but we can use outside scholarships to decrease loans,” said Cardenas-Clague.

According to Cardenas-Clague, the idea is to help students decrease their debt amount. Because most students need loans in order to get a college education, outside scholarships may help students decrease the amount they owe when they get out of college.

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