A Student’s Guide to Financial Aid: Online scholarships

By Bonnie H. Chuen

Listed here are several general scholarships and other search mechanisms specifically for finding private scholarships. This is to help students get started researching scholarships on the World Wide Web. Note that scholarships vary and there are restrictions that may apply to each scholarship.

·Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. (http://www.coca-cola.com/scholars/)

·Orphans International Foundations Inc. George Washington Awards: One does not need to be an orphan to apply, but other restrictions apply. (http://www.gwa.org/)

·The Scholarship Page: A topical listing of scholarships available. (http://cac.psu.edu/~jif101/finaid/)

·National Association of Home Workshop Writers. (http://www.hammernet.com/scholar.htm)

·ExPAN Scholarship Search. (http://www.collegeboard.org/fundfinder/bin/fundfind01.pl)

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