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ULV campus needs a break

Thanksgiving is inching closer and teasing students with the dream of vacation. The long weekend gives the campus two extra days of relaxing before dumping them back into the workload leading up to finals.

We all deserve a break

Now is about the time when many students are beginning to feel burned out. Some are feeling stressed out from school, work and extracurricular activities.

Give us a break

It seems like no big deal to add on a week for the semester in fall – and spring, which is what the administration has done effective this September. But it is a big deal to us.

Calendar change is costly

It is a little too early to be thinking about the class schedule for the upcoming school year. But faculty members and students should start soon.

Calendar challenge defeated

On Monday the Faculty Senate, by a vote of 6-8, shot down the College of Arts and Sciences request to postpone implementation of the new academic calendar.

Semesters extended one week

Starting in the 2009-2010 academic year, many University of La Verne students will go to school for two additional weeks, with fall classes starting one week earlier and spring classes ending one week later than they did under the previous traditional semester schedule.

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