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Letter to the Editor

As an alumna of the American Armenian International College of the University of La Verne and an active member of the Armenian American community, I was greatly disappointed, shocked and offended to read in your April 8, 2005, issue that the University's Space Committee will propose for the name change of the AAIC building in May to the University's Board of Trustees.

75 Years of Excellence: Campus Times outgrows ASF

Less than 20 years ago, the University of La Verne had no formal journalism program. Also, the Campus Times was run by the Associated Student Federation (ASF) Forum. In 1976, a change occurred that altered the face of the Campus Times forever.

Board of Trustees Rejects Nixon World Institute

The proposed Richard M. Nixon Institute of World Affairs will not be com­ing to the University of La Verne, following its rejection by the University's Board of Trustees.

LV Security Slacking; Problems Hit Dorms

Problems that have plagued the student housing program at the University of La Verne in the past have resurfaced once again to force students to raise questions on just what is the future of University housing.

President’s Cabinet Discusses Issues

Unknown to many University of La Verne students is a group of ad­ministrators who play a vital role in the management of the institution during their weekly meetings.

Eager Students Mark Great BLVD Success

Over 200 students, faculty and staff members, alumni and friends swept through the University of La Verne campus like human vacuum cleaners and left ULV vir­tually spotless on Build La Verne Day, Wednesday, Nov. 11.

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