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Petition to recall Adams as president; Ourique resigns from Forum position

A petition currently circulating the University of La Verne campus reads: "We, the members of the Associated Students Federation, support an emer­gency special election for the recall of current ASF President, Nancy Adams. We request immediate action regard­ing this matter."

Election mishap

If you voted in the ASF election between 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. yester­day, cast another ballot, if you want your vote to count. If this sounds con­fusing, that's because it is.

Letter to the Editor

Why don't you make suggestions to fix the problem with ASF instead of ripping it apart?

ASF budget incidents still being ignored; students suffering from Adams’ mistakes

Why should I bother with Work Study anymore? If I'm lucky, I can pos­sibly land a job through ASF President Nancy Adams. Why not? Former ASF President Joe Fengler was able to work for Adams during the summer. Fengler's duty was to install that beau­tiful new $14,000 computer system for $15 an hour – a job the computer store would have done for free. At that wage, I could dump my $5.50 an hour on-campus job and not worry about paying part of my tuition.

New Macintosh replaces missing ASF computer

A $14,000 computer system has been purchased by the ASF Forum to replace the $8,000 system that was stolen out of the ASF office last May.

Mixed feelings describe election

"Lack of interest," is how Nancy Adams, newly re-elected Associated Student Federation president described this year's ASF election.

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