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Adams has to quorum forum party members

Although Nancy Adams, president of the Associated Student Federation, appealed to Forum members to show up more frequently to Forum meet­ings, only seven out of 12 members were present March 11 at 12:07 p.m., when Adams called the meeting to order.

New ASF leaders secure changes

What's new about the Associated Students Forum? A lot, according to Nancy Adams and Harold Braunstein, president and vice president, respectively, of ASF for 1990-91.

ASF purchases $6,600 Macintosh; surplus funds spent at last minute

A new Macintosh SE/30 computer and laser writer, costing $6,600, purchased during the summer by the new president and vice president of the ASF Forum using surplus 1989-'90 ASF funds assigned to dances, speakers, clubs, et. al, was conducted without the knowledge or vote of the 1989-'90 ASF Forum.

Students elect new ASF leaders; Adams, Braunstein head Forum

According to newly elected ASF Presi­dent Nancy Adams, students, clubs and other organizations will be playing a big­ger role this fall when she begins her semester term.

ASF Election Results

The race for Associated Students Federation president, vice president and board of trustees representative was decided yesterday as a result of elections.

Weekend Committee sponsors field trips

The newly formed Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum's Weekend Committee has made plans for weekends during this semester.

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