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Leos Unite connects students through virtual conversations

The Office of Student Life has created an online program called Leos Unite in efforts to help students cope with the pandemic through social interaction.

Letters to the Editor

The presentations made by the administration of the University of La Verne on November 20, 2019, and the answers provided by the Provost to questions posed by the FAHC, reveal an alarming and unnecessary plan to abolish tenure as part of the creation of a Cal Bar-accredited program of legal education as the successor to the discontinued ABA-accredited program.

Bush finds direction from service

The transition to college typically occurs in two ways: the lead up to high school graduation following acceptance and decision, then mid-August when students frantically attempt to navigate all aspects of a new campus.

Commuters left in parking lot

The University of La Verne is caught in an identity crisis and commuter students are paying the price.

Transfer process to be streamlined in 2019

The University of La Verne is implementing a program to streamline the process for students who transfer here from community colleges with an associate’s degree.

Commentary: CAPA students are shut out of on-campus events

The University automatically includes an Associated Students of University of La Verne activity fee into traditional undergraduate tuition that helps pay for the numerous on and off campus events, including their biggest of the spring semester, Lavernapalooza.

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