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New leaders selected for fall semester

As University of La Verne students gear up to return to school in late August, journalism professors Elizabeth Zwerling, George Keeler and radio professor Mike Laponis will be meeting with three new leaders for the Campus Times, La Verne Magazine and KULV, respectively, to plan out the fall semester.

Associated Press’ Cross leaves mark on journalism class

Los Angeles Associated Press Bureau Chief Sue Cross came to the University of La Verne as a guest lecturer Tuesday to discuss what she does and give some insight into the journalism profession.

New editors are selected for spring

When the spring 2002 semester starts at the University of La Verne, new leaders will step up to the plate in the Communications Department.

Campus Times receives suspicious letters

Two suspicious letters were delivered to the Campus Times room at 2 p.m. Wednesday around the time the publication's editors were wrapping up their weekly meeting.

Campus Times gets new adviser

With time the seasons will change, following a unique cycle that defines each of their respective characteristics.

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