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Halloween lives at LV

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by Alejandra Molina
Assistant Editor

Trick-or-treaters around the University of La Verne had their big opportunity to be on television at the LVTV studios on Halloween night.

For the third straight year, “Halloween Live” was shown on Channel 3.

People recited poems and Halloween videos and stories were shared.

With a southern accent, Don Pollock, professor of communications, hosted the event as Billy Bob and was also an executive producer for the show.

Children were eager and excited to take part in the “Halloween Live” show.

“I was cool Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,” said Sarah Castro, who attends La Verne Heights Elementary.

Emily and Jill Cahill both live in La Verne and participated in the show.

Their mother, Kim Cahill, was with them while they were trick-or-treating in the Stu-Han dorms.

Students in the dorms informed them about the show on LVTV, she said.

ULV students also made an appearance on LVTV.

“It was cool for the kids who are trick-or-treating. They want to be on TV,” said sophomore Luis Chavez.

“It was fun, I wish I could have talked more,” said Chavez.

Junior Shambra Clifford also appeared on the show as a hula dancer and put on a show with Pollock.

“I thought it was fun. It’s a great way to attract people to ULV,” said Clifford.

For freshman Phanny Lun, “Halloween Live” was a new experience for him.

“It’s something new I’ve never been on TV before,” Lung said.

Professor of communications Mike Laponis was one of the executive producers for “Halloween Live”, which was a first-time experience for him.

“It was exciting, it was a nice way to be involved with the community,” Laponis said.

“Students were able to get involved by producing live in the studio,” he said.

While the show was running, it was interrupted by the smoke alarm that went off in the Arts and Communications Building prompting an evacuation of the entire building.

“The fog machine caused the smoke alarm to go off,” said Shane Rodrigues, radio and television department operations manager who was also an executive producer.

“The show still went on,” said Rodrigues. “We tested the new studio, and that went really well,” he added.

The only drawback that Rodrigues mentioned was the relocation of the show. “Halloween Live” used to take place in Veteran’s Hall on Bonita in the past and LVTV was able to get more attention from trick-or-treaters.

Reciting poems for the show were English professor Jeffrey Kahan and assistant professor of journalism Elizabeth Zwerling.

Kahan read two passages from H.P. Lovecraft.

“I’m always interested in taking part with student activities,” Kahan said.

Zwerling recited “The Banshee.”

“It’s my first time doing it and I’d do it again if I were asked,” Kahan said.

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