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Residents compete in sustainability challenge

Students living in the University’s four dorms are competing to see who can save the most energy during a six-week carbon footprint reduction challenge.

Commentary: Sorority women are feminists, too

The word “sorority” carries many meanings, stereotypes and stigmas — some of which are true, while others are incredibly false. The media, especially the movie industry, portray sorority women as dimwitted party-girls and, worst of all, as women who reverse the work feminists have accomplished.

First Person Experience: Humans chased in Phi Delta Theta apocalypse

“How long could I last in a zombie apocalypse” is something I ask myself on a daily basis. Not really, but during this spooky season I start to wonder. To test my skills, I participated in Phi Delta Theta fraternity’s Zombie Apocalypse Wednesday night on campus.

Resident assistants keep student morale high

Once again the University has selected a group of fun, friendly and passionate students to watch over the dorms.

Students dip, dye and touch up

Throughout 2015 more and more people have experimented with coloring their hair, from celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Kylie Jenner to La Verne students like Marina Youngblood.

ASULV announces election victors

David Asbra and Selyna Ybarra were elected president and executive vice president of the Associated Students of the University of La Verne, respectively Wednesday.

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