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Protesters speak out against Trump

Loud chants of “Build bridges, not walls” and “This is what democracy looks like” erupted as students and faculty members marched around campus in a peaceful protest against President-elect Donald Trump at 10 p.m. Nov. 10.

Election night watch party turns tense

Students watched anxiously as the election results unfolded and ended with a shocking win by Donald Trump during the Election Watch Party hosted by the College Democrats and Republicans clubs Tuesday night in the Campus Center Ballroom.

Letter to the Editor

The Nov. 8 election is approaching, and early voting is currently underway. If you are eligible to vote, I encourage you to send in your ballot or visit your polling place next week and exercise this important right.

Panel makes presidential policies approachable

Three professors analyzed the presidential candidates’ policy platforms at the Hot Spots lecture Wednesday in the President’s Dining Room.

Faculty consider election

In a recent informal election survey among 10 University of La Verne faculty, eight faculty members said they plan to vote for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, one will vote for Republican Donald Trump, and one was undecided.

You matter, and so does your vote

Millennials tend to be the ones who say want to change the world the most, yet they are the least likely to be proactive about it and vote.

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