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Voter security should be priority

As the 2020 election cycle revs up in preparation for Americans to cast their presidential vote in November, election security should be the nation’s top priority in order to maintain a valid democratic process.

Debates should be productive

Televised presidential candidate debates are intended to give the American public an opportunity to evaluate the people who run for the nation’s highest office, but the Oct. 15 democratic debates were underwhelming, with questions that danced around issues and policy.

Letters to the Editor

The 2020 election is undoubtedly the most important election in my lifetime. This is a call to all students (and faculty) to become involved in the political process and help create a more inclusive and free society.

Trump supporters play dirty and fail

The 2020 election cycle is shaping up to be a treacherous one, as a smear campaign against presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay presidential candidate, demonstrates the lengths to which some Trump supporters will go.

Stop overlooking voter suppression

Although voter suppression in the 2016 presidential election was massively overlooked, and even mocked, this is a real and serious issue that led to the unfortunate and unfair election of Donald Trump.

Algorithms add to fake news clutter

The way we consume news is changing, and in many ways has become uniform with the way we consume media in general.

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