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Professor discusses various uses for virtual reality technology

Professor Grace Kyungwon Hong analyzed the effects of virtual reality technology during the Phebe Spalding Lecture in Gender and Women’s Studies at the Pomona College on Feb. 24 via Zoom.

Sheltering in place hurting your workout mojo? Check out these apps

While social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have kept us indoors, those of us who work out regularly have had to adapt.

Facebook’s influence is too expansive

Facebook has announced its plan to incorporate another way to send people money, bank online and purchase goods and services through its new feature, Libra Cryptocurrency.

Leaver uncovers the secrets of art

Professor of Art History Jon Leaver spoke about the art of conserving paintings Tuesday in the Executive Dining Hall.

Apps’ role in suppressing women

Saudi Arabian women are seeking asylum from oppressive guardianship laws, and companies like Apple and Google are contributing to their lack of safety by refusing to remove the Absher app from their app stores.

Rhythm method returns with Natural Cycles app

Natural Cycles was approved last month by the FDA as a medical device for use as a contraceptive.

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