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Ammo ban is step toward change

Stores have recently taken it upon themselves to limit the growing gun violence. Walmart, America’s largest retailer, officially announced they will attempt to reduce its gun and ammunition sales Sept. 3. 

Commentary: We need gun control

The United States has morphed into a place of constant fear, where the next place for a mass shooting could be anywhere; bullet-proof backpacks are now on back to school shelves, active shooter drills at school and in workplaces are standard, and educators are learning how to treat gunshot wounds. 

Cosmo is not the problem

Walmart will soon stop placing Cosmopolitan Magazine at its checkout stands.

Walmart rolls back benefits

Walmart recently announced it would stop providing health benefits to part-time employees and increase health insurance premiums starting in January of next year.

Possible Walmart reveals city’s worst

Recent discussions of a possible Walmart Neighbor­hood Market opening in La Verne brought up controversial topics focusing on the type of customers the store would attract.

City calls for roll-back on Walmart

La Verne residents packed into the La Verne Community Center Monday to voice their opinions about a proposed Walmart coming to town.

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