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Career Development Center gets job done for ULV students

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by Veronica L. McClendon
Staff Writer

Whether one is a graduate, undergraduate or Campus Accelerated Program for Adults (CAPA) student, the Career Development Center can help with important career choices.

Terrie Lopez, director of career development and placement, provides students with a variety of services, from preparing them for the work force to helping them with decisions about graduate school.

“We can assist students with self-exploration, skill identification, interest and helping students identify what they want to do with their major,” said Lopez.

In reference to jobs, the Career Development Center can help students go through the interview process before the actual interview.

Career Development Center is able to inform students about the types of questions to expect in interviews and explain the proper manner of answering them.

Preparing students on how to handle difficult questions and what should be done if an inappropriate question is asked is also part of the Career Development’s purpose

Many students in college often seek information about jobs, but forget to go to the Career Development Center. Job information can be obtained from reference books or from the Jobtrak computer.

Jobtrak is the latest addition to the Career Development Center. It was brought to the University of La Verne in January of this year.

“Jobtrak is a database of over 200,000 jobs worldwide,” said Lopez.

Over 500 colleges and universities are hooked up to Jobtrak. Companies designate what colleges and universities they want the applicant to be from. Many times one will find that companies will designate their jobs to all the schools.

The company has to pay to utilize the service. There is no fees to the students or the schools. The employer simply has to place the job listing in Jobtrak. There are international listings as well.

For those interested in Jobtrak, “Just come in and type and then a little screen will come up and tell you to highlight your school. Then it will ask for your password, which you need to come into the Career Center and get,” said Lopez.

Once into the program, one can select a specific job of interest. There are a variety of topics from communications to engineering.

One can also find a very extensive selection on internship opportunities in Jobtrak.

“I can assist students with resumes at different levels. I can help students who have never written a resume, or students who just need a second opinion or thoughts,” said Lopez.

There are booklets available that can assist with cover letters and resumes. The booklets work as guides for people preparing their first resumes.

Lopez also teaches a Career Planning class in both the spring and fall that is worth two units entitled Career and Life Exploration. Throughout the course students explore many different topics such as resume writing, researching careers and companies.

Assessments and exercises will be given to help students learn about who he or she is as a person.

“I want to try to teach the student how to gather all this information so that you can start looking at actual jobs that relate to what you learned about yourself,” said Lopez.

The Career Development Center also has books that students can check out. These books range from every career subject.

By making use of these books, one can find information about jobs in their desired field. The books can only be borrowed for two days, so that other students can make use of the materials. Lopez suggested that checking books out on Thursdays would most beneficial so one can keep the sources longer through the weekend.

Everyone is encouraged to stop by the Career Center for help. Appointments can be made by calling ext. 4430.

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