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Honor society welcomes new blood

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by Max Zänker
Staff Writer

With an official ceremony at the Harris Gallery, the University of La Verne’s Chapter of the National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor society inducted 54 new students on Tuesday, honoring them for their academic achievements during their freshmen year.

The new members signed their names in the Alpha Lambda Delta chapter book and received the official graduation cords in the society’s colors.

Red is for the burning flame of knowledge, white for the search of truth and yellow for the honor.
Additionally the initiates obtained the society pin and their certificate of initiation.

Only the best 15 percent of nationwide freshmen receive the yearly honor of initiation.

“I hope the new members will grow to an active group, encouraging each other to excellence inside and outside the classroom,” said Alfred Clark, Alpha Lambda Delta Administrative Advisor.

“It is an honor to be recognized for the hard work during the freshman year, said sophomore Kimberly Jones.

Alpha Lambda Delta offers its members a national network for scholarships and later career opportunities.

“I hope that my membership will always be a present factor and resource for future career options,” said initiate Jessica Dawn Bohatch.

ULV sophomore Amanda Michelle Elsasser goes one step further than her fellow initiates; she is the new president of the La Verne Alpha Lambda Delta chapter.

“I hope that I can bring in my leadership abilities and help the chapter growing,” she said. “Alpha Delta Lambda is a great opportunity to better your future options and improve your social skills.”

In her first speech, Elsasser appealed for continuing the long Alpha Lambda Delta tradition since 1924.

“We are here to grow and strive for higher standards,” she said. “Shall Alpha Lambda Delta always motivate us at our work.”

Outgoing president Meghan Foreman could relate that to her personal study habits.

“Getting the accomplishments from Alpha Lambda Delta for my work motivates me during studying,” she said.

For her, the society is more than that.

“Beyond working hard for good academic grades, Alpha Lambda Delta is about community service,” she said.

“With our voluntary social community programs, we want to give something back to the community,” Foreman said.

In addition to inducting the new members and installing the new student officers, Alpha Lambda Delta gave the honorary membership to Fred L. Yaffe, Dean of Arts and Science.

“Your initiation commits you to use your education for the good of our society,” Yaffe said to the initiates in his entrance speech. “With the liberal studies of Arts and Sciences, you receive the most powerful education since humanity. When I look at you, I see young persons, who are willing and able to take leadership.”

The Alpha Lambda Delta honor society was founded in 1924 at the University of Illinois as an honorship program for female students.

Since 1975, the society also inducts male students.

The 54 new members at the ULV chapter will try to continue the tradition of success and excellence as they conjointly said in their initiation vow:

“I accept to become a member in the national Alpha Lambda Delta society and will maintain the standards of service, (induction) and integrity.”

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