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Lucky student wins a free trip to Disneyland

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Josie Faus, a sophomore speech communication major, won tickets to Disneyland after competing in the Disney Scene It Tournament held on March 27 in the Leo’s Den.

Only three people participated in the game and only one round was played. Faus won the game with Minnie Mouse as her character.

“I feel like waves have been lifted off my chest,” Faus said after her win.

The game consists of Disney characters and Disney trivia; participants roll the dice and either have to answer a question individually or compete against the other players.

During the evening there was a mix of both individuals answering questions and the three players competing against one another to be the first person with the correct answer.

When some of the individual questions were asked, others would yell out they knew the answer as the person who was trying to answer was still thinking.

There was a lot yelling during the group questions as the participants tried to be the first to shout out the correct answer.

The movie clips and puzzles of the game were from both old and new Disney movies.

Some of the questions also included giving the name of a song to a Disney movie.

A few of the questions left the participants puzzled because no one in the room had seen or heard of that particular movie.

There were questions about movies such as “Dumbo” “Mulan,” and “The Parent Trap.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is go to Disneyland,” Faus said.

“It could have gone better, but it was fun,” said Kristina Vaughn, games and recreation chairwoman for the Campus Activities Board.

The Tournament was supposed to last for four hours, but was cut short due to a lack of participants.

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