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Women honored in Latino Art Museum exhibit

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Alexandria Orozco
Staff Writer

This year the Women’s International Art show had its opening reception on March 12 at the Latino Art Museum in the Pomona Art Colony and will continue through Saturday.

For curator and La Verne alumna Graciela Nardi, the month of March is significant because it celebrates women from all cultural backgrounds and the art that they produce. Seven years ago Nardi decided to put together a the show to honor and display the different artwork created by women from all around the world.

“We try and embrace all different cultures with our international shows which are held three times a year. This art show has artists who are from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, the United States and all parts of the world,” Nardi said.

The walls of the basement where the show was held were filled with an array of different art work done by 18 different artists who used various media to depict women. Some were paintings, photography and even 3D art that hung from the ceiling and caught your eye as soon as you stepped into the room.

“My art talks about struggle, family and the women,” Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin, an artist whose work was seen in the show, said. “I wanted my pieces to be graphic and emotional but to also have a light side.”

Chamberlin’s piece “Prop­osi­tion 187” depicts a cartoon woman as a piñata being beaten. The piece itself is quite negative but the colorful candy that frames the picture lightens the overall feel of the picture and “draws people in,” as Chamberlin explained.

Along with appreciating the art work of women, an award ceremony was also held in order to honor certain women for their contributions in business and art. This year’s winners were Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin, Cindy Mayoral, Laura Pascuel and the “Latino Art Museum Woman of the Year 2011” award was given to Cathy Tessier for her generous contribution to the art community.

“We always chose a person for the award who did something big for the community or business. This time it is Cathy because she is the one who developed this area and donated seven places to non-profit organizations,” said Nardi.

Tessier who owns the building explained how when they first got the building it was old, rundown and not occupied but little by little they began to renovate it despite the negative comments that said it was not possible to turn a basement into an art gallery.

“They said we needed walls and high ceilings and we have proven with this art gallery that you don’t need that,” stated Tessier.

Tessier was given a large applause when she received her award and her contributions to art were definitely gracious and reflected the overall feel of love for art that seemed to fill the gallery.

“I think this art show is beautiful and Graciela is an incredible promoter of art,” Elizabeth Sides-Preston, artist and winner of the Women of the year award from two years ago said.

The art show did a wonderful job at depicting and embracing different women from around the world and Tessier called the overall show, “beautifully curated.”

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