Business meets the moment with proper lighting

Andrea Molina
Staff Writer

GloForIt, a student-run business created by 13 students in University of La Verne’s Integrated Business Program, offers LED portable ring light clips for students to have access to good lighting at any time during their virtual meetings.

Brainstorming for GloForIt started in February at the beginning of the spring semester. The group’s vision was to provide people with great lighting so they can feel and look their best via video meetings, such as Zoom. GloForIt launched its products on March 8.

Kathryn Mettert, junior business administration major and vice president of sales for GloForIt, was the one who came up with the idea for the light. She said her inspiration came from a ring light she received as a gift from her sorority and how useful it had proven to be for her. 

“Throughout this program, you gain a lot of respect for small businesses, as the journey is definitely not easy,” said Mettert. 

In the beginning, Mettert said this project took a lot of brainstorming, and her group was looking for a versatile product that could be marketed in many ways. 

Mettert said one of her major doubts was whether ULV students would be interested in buying the product, as well as, figuring out the best way to market the product in an online setting. 

The University’s integrated business program gives students the opportunity to create and operate real businesses in a class setting. Students create, launch, and sell their products in a 10 week period. 

GloForIt was funded through Wells Fargo Bank, where students asked for a loan of $1,300 to jump start their business. 

As of now, GloForIt has sold 700 LED light clips, making an estimated profit of $6,500. 

Samantha Aleman, sophomore business administration and CEO for GloForIt, said the creation of GloForIt was an amazing learning opportunity that she will remember forever.

“GloForIt came from the common problematic of not being able to connect with others due to lack of proper lightning in an online setting,” said Aleman. 

Aleman was the one who came up with the brand’s name. She wanted something short and easy to remember. 

Aleman’s tip for anyone starting a small business is to pursue something you feel passionate about. She said having a goal in mind is crucial for success. 

GloForIt is not only useful for schoolwork and Zoom meetings, but it also improves the quality of pictures. GloForIt allows people to take amazing pictures anywhere and anytime. 

Additionally, GloForIt products are compatible with any smartphone, computer, or tablet and it comes with three brightness settings. 

GloForIt donated all of its profits to the University of La Verne Student Emergency Fund. Its members chose this charity as it directly gives back to the La Verne student community by providing limited emergency financial grants to currently enrolled students.

Vanessa Lopez, junior business administration major and vice president of marketing for GloForIt, said the company’s goal is to provide their customers with an accessible, high quality product that they can use on a daily basis.

“We wanted GloForIt to become people’s place of choice when buying ring lights,” said Lopez. 

One personal tip Lopez would give to students is to have an organized business plan. Lopez said organization is key for success in small businesses. 

Even though this project required a lot of time and effort Lopez said it is completely worth it as you gain real-life knowledge. 

Currently, GloForIt light clips are completely sold out but students can still donate to their charity through their website or Instagram page @gloforit_

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