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Binge drinking, alcohol have effects on campuses

It seems the word college automatically brings to mind one other word, partying. That, in turn, brings to mind alcohol.

Spot reopens amid big celebration

Grand reopening festivities for the University of La Verne's "new" snack bar took place Monday, with a food fair and musical entertainment from Obscure Cover featured as part of the celebration.

Studies caution students of stress

As finals and end-of-semester challenges approach, stress begins to overwhelm the average student. Eating and sleeping habits change in response to the overload.

Nutrition unlocks healthy lifestyle

Eating junk food or skipping meals is an undeniable part of the American culture. The typical 15- to 39-year-old diet is high in fat and low in fiber and complex carbohydrates.

One pregnancy = difficult decisions

Joe sat on the well-worn waiting room couch, nervously thumbing through People magazine. He could not stop himself from looking up every time someone passed. Moments later his girlfriend returns from the nurse's office, slowly closing the door behind her. He does not even need to ask. The look on her face tells him what they suspected all along -- she is pregnant.

Alternative medicines on the rise

Ginseng, aromatherapy, Tai Chi and St. John's Wort are just a few of the more widely-known terms associated with the ever-growing phenomenon that is alternative medicine.

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