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Students up all night to get ‘Lucky’

University of La Verne students dressed up in suits and dresses for the 2016 Winter Formal celebrated at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia March 4. Around 80 students attended the Kentucky Derby themed dance, named “Get Lucky in Kentucky.”

Speaker slams mental illness stigmas

Jamie Ritchey, community capacity organizer at the Tri-City Mental Health Services in Pomona, shares the types of mental illnesses and asks the audience, “Why should our mental health be treated any differently from our physical health,” Tuesday in LaFetra Lecture Hall.

Werner reflects on teaching career

English professor David Werner spoke about the real function of the prison system, humility and the hero journey in his final faculty lecture “I Have a Map to a Treasure” Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

Software choice is focus of lecture

Todd Britton, assistant vice president of information technology business relations, discussed how to choose software during his lecture Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

Serra, Bobbitt reign supreme at Homecoming

The Homecoming court stood in front of five dance team members, who sat in cardboard cut-out televisions. The two static-free televisions that were working revealed Jose Serra as Homecoming king and Evelyn Bobbitt as queen.

Same-sex couples face work stress

Nadine Nakamura, assistant professor of psychology, lectured about the emotional strains of same-sex binational couples in California Monday in the Presidents Dining Room.

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