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Student granted fellowship award

Growing up in Rialto, Dyamond Gray was exposed to different cultures and influences. Gray would see people ride their horses on the sidewalk as she looked out the window of the school bus.


Campus and community arts events for the week of April 10, 2015.

Effects of atomic bomb still felt

Gloria Montebruno Saller of the modern languages department lectured on the effects on the survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima in 1945 Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

Montebruno: The linguistic sensei

Adjunct professor and department associate Gloria Montebruno, a certified yoga instructor and Japanese professor, reminds her students something her first yoga teacher would say and resonates with her to this day, “It’s not about how flexible your body is, it’s about how flexible your mind is.”

Capraroiu delves into translation

Gabriela Capraroiu, associate professor of Spanish, presented “Hispanic Writers and the Cold War: Memory and the Cultural Politics of Translation in Romania” Monday in the President's Dining Room.

Bernard explores Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’

Sean Bernard, associate professor of creative writing, showcased his in-progress novel that interprets and alludes to Irish writer James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” at his faculty lecture Monday in the President’s Dining Room.

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