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Pomona, Claremont welcome Syrian refugees

Bombs kicked them out of their homes, their cities and their country. Carrying with them some clothes and hope, the Kanjou, Wawieh and Kisiby families crossed borders and continents before arriving in Southern California.

Landis leaves legacy of generosity

Richard  Landis, former University chancellor and trustee emeritus, died Feb. 14 in his sleep at the age of 95.

College of Law gets nod from ABA

The University of La Verne College of Law was officially recommended for full accreditation by the American Bar Association, University officials announced Feb. 1.

Mental Health Matters: Disorders to Think About: Laws aim to reform mental health care

During her spring break as a college freshman at the University of Pittsburgh, Helen Arase was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Mental Health Matters: Disorders to Think About: Students hesitate to seek treatment

Five years ago 17-year-old Katie Madden sat with her parents and told them she needed to talk to them about a serious matter. Her parents were concerned and anxiously stared at her, waiting for her to begin speaking.

La Verne sororities defy national statistics

It’s rare for Veronica Orozco not to run into someone she knows when walking to class. Her social life at the University of La Verne is similar to that of an up-and-coming celebrity walking a red carpet during award season; everywhere she goes somebody is up for a conversation. However, the sociable woman she is today is a far cry from the girl she was in high school, she said.

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