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Clark considers University’s Brethren influence

Al Clark, professor of humanities, presented a lecture called “Brethren Heritage at ULV: 129 years of Shifting Interpretations” as part of the weekly La Verne Academy Lecture series at noon Tuesday at the Quay Davis Executive Board Room. 

Spiritual center planned

The renovation of Brandt Hall and the demolition of the Interfaith Chapel will make way for the construction of the new Ludwick Center for Spirituality, Cultural Understanding, and Community Engagement expected to open Fall of 2019.

Blue Lights illuminate safety

The University of La Verne prides itself on the safety of its campus, but after a Blue Light tower was removed from in front of Miller Hall, it was questionable what we are more proud of, the safety of students or the aesthetics of the art and sculptures that were donated.

S.O.S. Woody, grant us these wishes

One of the many concerns around campus is the service we have been getting from the representatives in the administrative offices. Many students ask "what is the purpose of Woody Hall?" Is it not to serve the students in order to make their school years easier? To assist the students with their concerns so as to make the process of attending school more reachable?

Cameras installed to deter lab thefts

President Stephen Morgan and Steve Grey, chief financial officer, approved the installation of a high resolution security surveillance camera system in the Founder’s Hall computer labs because of recent thefts of microchips, said Dr. Jay Jones, associate professor of biology and biochemistry.

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