Spring break rituals

David Sutton, Sports Editor
David Sutton, Sports Editor

April through June, midnight to noon, I can always count on a white person comparing their skin to mine.

Yes, many people are in the tan mode. It seems as if they are trying to get as dark, or darker, than me. They will hold their skin up to mine and say, “Look, I’m as dark as you.” Why do they do this? They do not impress me. I could care less.

Why do sun bathers lay out in the hot sun and bake their skin? This is very unhealthy for them. The sun can cause skin cancer. But I know why they do it—they are trying to obtain the silky smooth brown sugar look that I have been blessed with.

Spring break is the sun bathers’ dream. They will have nine days to lay out and put greasy coconut oil, water mist and heat on their bodies. Some might not want to lay out, though. They may choose to apply bronzing cream to there body. Great! This stuff turns some of your body orange. Why not just become a pumpkin?

Not only is tanning in season, but so is partying. Many students will probably not be at school long enough today to read this paper. For many students, it is time to drink and pick up on the opposite sex. Is nine days really enough time?

For some yes, for others no. I think certain workers in Woody Hall, excluding student accounts workers, need at least five extra days. Maybe it will help lose the attitude some of them have.

A lot of people will pack their bags and get out of this “one horse” town. There is not much to do here in La Verne.

Mexico seems to be a good place to go this year. A person only has to be 18 to drink there. You can watch a man spit fire and have people run up to your car and offer to wipe it down for as little as a quarter.

Lake Havasu, Ariz., is another popular area. That place is crazy at this time of year. Alcohol, sexed–crazed people and flashers run the town during spring break. MTV is even out there this year.

Miller, Budweiser, Olde English 800, Natural Light beer and wine coolers will be the beverages of choice for many people this time of the year. Drink morning noon and night—if you are not throwing up then you are all right. This is the motto for spring break, but should it be?

A time of no school worries is great, but unfortunately there is too much people stop worrying about.

Drinking and driving is still a major problem. The thought of a mangled body being smashed onto the pavement has not changed many young people’s minds.

Groups and parents can preach all they want and it still will not help. When push comes to shove, most drunk people will drive themselves home. It is hard to find a designated driver during spring break.

Some may use spring break to catch up on their schoolwork. That is a good idea. I, personally, could not party for nine days straight. I will split up my time during spring break. You have three choices; find someone to drive you, do not drive or do not drink.

I always have some type of homework that needs to be done. I will do that and work a couple of days, then I will go crazy and do whatever I want.

Magic Mountain, Newport Beach, Mexico—where will I go? All of them. I have a little money saved up this year.

I will try to use common sense when I have to deal with people this spring break. Trouble is not something I am looking for, only a good time.

A good time is out there and I will find it. Safety is something else that is worrying me. I can be the safest person on earth and still not be safe. There are other people who are not safe and do not care about or respect the safety of others. We all should respect each other this spring break.

I might have started my spring break today—I have nothing to do here at school. However, I do plan to attend one class, out of fear of a pop quiz. Sometimes, spring break just cannot start soon enough.

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