Spring concert finds place on campus

by Martha I. Fernandez
Features Editor

Continuing the tradition conceived at the University of La Verne’s centennial, the spring concert will once again enter­tain the crowd with the musical talent found on and off campus.

A choral union has been formed to bring this concert to life on Sunday at 8 p. m. in Founders Auditorium.

“The Music Department started offer­ing to students and the community the gala concert the year of the centennial because funds were available,” said Bruce Hirsch, associate professor of music and director of the concert. “It was so successful because kind people made contributions for the concert.”

Members of the choral union include alumni, students, staff, faculty, adminis­tration, friends of the University and even a member of the Board of Trustees. Together there are about 40 members in the choir, which includes ULV’s Chamber Singers.

“In order to give the students an opportunity to do the major works, we created a choral union,” he said.

The concert, featuring baroque as well as rock music, will be the first per­formed on campus rather than at the La Verne Church of the Brethren. The facil­ity at the Church was better for a concert of this magnitude, however, Hirsch felt it was necessary to bring the concert onto University grounds.

“The concert is the University’s and we don’t have a facility to do the con­cert,” he said. “We wanted to perform on campus and structured the program to fit the facility.”

In preparation for Sunday’s concert, maintenance has added a 32 ft. by 12 ft. extension to the stage in Founders Auditorium.

This area has been created to host a chamber orchestra of 22 people, a seven-­member jazz ensemble and a four-per­son rock ensemble throughout the course of the night.

The evening will begin with baroque music, followed by a Vivaldi text devel­oped as a thanksgiving during corona­tion celebrations. A Mozart piece will also be performed.

“It’s a service to the community to sing these pieces,” he said. “It’s an edu­cational experience.”

The last half of the concert will fea­ture songs by George Gershwin and Cole Porter performed by the Jazz Ensemble, a group of faculty jazz teach­ers. The grand finale will feature a clas­sic rock cantata by Bobrowitz and Porter that tells the creation story.

The variety of pieces performed will only add to revealing the talent found at La Verne.

“This is really challenging to the singer. There isn’t just one style, but a whole gamut of styles,” said Hirsch.

The concert is free, but tickets will be distributed to ensure seating. A ticket will hold seats until 10 minutes before the performance. Contact the Music Department at ext. 4917 for ticket infor­mation.

Martha I. Fernandez, Features Editor
Martha I. Fernandez
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