Getting the ‘thanks’ they deserve

Martha I. Fernandez, Editor in Chief
Martha I. Fernandez, Editor in Chief

Ladies, have you ever had the wonderful experience of walking down the street and have a gracious gentleman look at you and feel so moved to compliment you, that he takes the time to honk his car’s horn just for you?

Even more flattering, have you ever been the subject of a passer-by’s tribute giving whistle? Maybe, you have even caused someone to stop, stare at you for a moment and take in your beauty. This action is usually followed by a soft, gentle “psst, psst.”

Yes, the mere essence of our femininity makes the opposite sex feel obligated to honk, whistle, stare and “psst, psst.” It is so thoughtful of these males to make this effort simply to make us quiver and blush.

Usually referred to as cat calls, these actions leave most women spellbound by the compliment, that they must quickly think of a way to respond accordingly.

Many women are ungrateful for the compliment and ignore the instigator’s comment. These females continue their day like any other day, instead of feeling flattered by the praise they were offered earlier.

Some women may respond by looking back to see if the perpetrator of the action is someone they might know. Often, the woman may turn around and search for the person. By taking the time to look for the compliment giver, the woman usually receives another compliment for responding.

Others may return the compliment by quickly extending their middle finger and displaying it for the compliment giver. However, this action sometimes converts the compliment into a profane word.

Sometimes, a witty response is in order. A friend once responded to a perusing car full of glaring men, “Take a picture, it lasts longer.”

Another friend quickly replied, “Thank you,” to fight the blush that overcame her. A blush not of embarrassment, but of rage.

A few women will stop, look over their attire and wonder what article of clothing provoked the action. Perhaps it was the skirt that rustles against her ankles with every step she takes, or the extra large sweatshirt her body swims in.

After looking herself over, she smiles when she realizes that the gentleman must have been touched with the radiance of her inner beauty.

Whichever reaction you choose, make sure it appropriately fits the cat call you were given. If you are grateful for the compliment, don’t be ashamed to feel flattered because you were the chosen one to receive the honk, whistle, stare or “psst, psst.”

It does not matter that the cat call sends the women’s movement decades and decades back. We should be thankful to these men who have been ignorant enough to disregard the struggles of women.

After all, everyone knows that when women fought for suffrage, equal employment opportunities and respect, they begged for cat calls to stay in existence.

The argument that cat calls are degrading toward women is completely ludicrous. What true woman would prefer to be complimented on her intelligent mind rather than her curvaceous, female body?

For that matter, what woman would be partial to have a conversation with eye contact rather than have the male she is talking to speak directly to her chest?

To all you men who have chosen to keep reminding women that their physiques demand more praise than their minds, thank you. Thank you for showing women no respect and affirming that female bodies are much more attractive than the enlightening, wise minds of women.

If it weren’t for these men who refuse to think with organs above their waist, women would have nothing left to fight for. A society with mutual respect among the sexes would just make too much sense.

Martha I. Fernandez, Features Editor
Martha I. Fernandez
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