La Verne: the good, bad, ugly

Raechel Fittante, Editor in Chief
Raechel Fittante, Editor in Chief

Around here, the little things count. La Verne is a unique little town. I say little town because the population is only roughly 32,000. As with all cities, there are interesting as well as annoying things one should consider before making the choice to move here permanently. With brainstorming efforts of myself and some long time La Verne natives, the following list was composed.

First, things that suck in no order of importance:

1) The La Verne Police Department. How much does LVPD really contribute to the low crime rate in this city? Exactly, they don’t. In fact, LVPD officers probably have it easier than any other police officers in Southern California, considering they spend most of their time harassing University of La Verne students and writing parking tickets.

2) Foothill Boulevard. In order to get pretty much anywhere in this city, one has to drive on Foothill, the street of many red lights on every five feet of pavement. There are few convenient side streets or regular left turn lanes because the street is one big island. Also, there two words for the congested street from the hours of 4:30 to 7:30 p.m.- parking lot.

3) Student discounts are not an option. Just because ULV is an expensive school, does not mean that ULV students are rich. Not even Warehouse Pizza will take a measly 10 percent off the tab for the college students who frequent there on a regular basis. Is it that the establishments of this city refuse to recognize that La Verne is somewhat of a college town, or that they just don’t care?

4) Basic cable. If you do not have basic cable and you live in La Verne, do not bother to get it because it is more frustrating to have 28 channels of absolutely nothing worth watching, instead of just nine. In a recent city council meeting, it was recognized that cable rates are above the median and the channels are more limited.

5) The extension of Highway 30. To many, this could be a good thing because of the abrupt and rather unsafe way the 30 ends on Foothill Blvd. But to the La Verne residents who will soon have the freeway extending through their quaint front yards, it is an ugly travesty.

6) La Verne is boring. Let’s face it, there is not a whole lot for college students to do. Without traveling to San Dimas or beyond, there are few good restaurants, no cool places to hang out and nowhere to go but to Blockbuster.

But it is not all bad…

1) Safety first. La Verne has an extremely low crime rate. The streets are quiet, the neighborhoods are charming and it is safer to walk around at night than most places are.

2) ULV. The University gives the city more character and recognition. Not only is it a good school, but it is a small yet enduring tradition at the heart of the city, adding to the prevalence of educational values throughout.

3) Community orientated. Aside from Sunnybrook Farm taking the cake, La Verne is an exceptional place to raise a family. Within the city are a plethora of activities for children and families to partake in, such as Orange Picking in the fall, the concert in the park series’ in Heritage Park every summer, youth sports teams, adult sports leagues, the Fourth of July Parade, downtown expositions and Santa Claus cruising the streets of downtown La Verne in a Fire Truck every Christmas, handing out candy to little kids.

4) Everything is close by and for the most part either in walking distance or two minutes away by car, including Fairplex, the Edwards movie theater, LVPD, the Fire Station, the Albertsons/Target shopping center and Bonelli Regional Park. It is also a jump away from San Dimas Canyon Park, Raging Waters and many hiking trails in the hills.

5) Cleanliness counts. The parks are well kept and absent of trash, there is hardly any graffiti and there is a deep commitment by city officials to keep the city beautiful and not let it get run down like other cities in the general area.

6) There is nothing else like La Verne. It is unique in its maintenance of serenity and tranquility, and ideal for relaxation, unless you are a person driven crazy by the sound of quiet.

Raechel Fittante, a junior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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